Saturday, October 17, 2009


Since I started teaching the fiddle I’ve always had a mix of beginning students and more advanced players. The beginning students are much easier to teach. Each week flows seamlessly to the next with a new A part or B part, and pretty soon a new tune every week. The problems that beginners have are often easily solved through a little detective work: getting to the bottom of a squeak, helping them to understand a certain technique, or explaining new fingerings or music theory. Every time you teach a beginner you learn how to be a better teacher because every beginner has different strengths and weaknesses.

Folks who decide to learn the fiddle are far and away a fun-loving, smart and musical crowd and fiddling seems to work especially well for teaching at any age. With some preparation any violin teacher can teach beginning fiddle and any fiddler can teach beginners as well. The important thing is that you know a few easy tunes really, really well and you are ready and willing to give your students as much information and support as possible. I hope that this book and the accompanying CD will inspire more violin and fiddle teachers to teach beginners of all ages. They contain all of the tools that I have developed and use every day.

Good luck,
Megan B.

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