Saturday, October 17, 2009


I started teaching the fiddle in college when someone found my band’s website and emailed me to ask if I taught. Although I’d trained as a Suzuki and traditional violin teacher, it was the first time I’d taught fiddle and the first time I’d taught an adult. I found both to be far more fun and challenging than I had expected. Since then I’ve taught kids and adults from all different musical backgrounds to play the fiddle and have grown to love it. Experience has taught me the best tunes for introducing each new skill to beginners, and I’ve learned which fiddle tunes appeal to intermediate players and those with a classical background.

I’ve called this project “Teaching and Learning” because I wanted materials to aid and support the two things happening in a private or group fiddle lesson. This CD and book are designed to supplement and inform the teaching of traditional fiddle tunes by both fiddlers and violin teachers. Beginning and intermediate fiddlers can also use them to master new tunes and learn all about fiddling and fiddle culture. I devised this method to teach the fiddle in a fun and authentic way and I hope it can add to the ranks of knowledgeable folk musicians and teachers.

Megan W. Beller
Fall 2006

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