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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lime Hill Sheet Music

Tune by Dan R. MacDonald!

Sound File


  1. The easiest way to tell whether or not a strathspey is Irish is that there's no such thing as an Irish strathspey!

    The strathspey genre originates in the strath (valley) of the river Spey - in Scotland. The Bretoners have been at it long enough with the Scottish music (that's where they came from) that they write their own strathspeys; and smashing good they are, too. Lime Hill leads beautifully into Castle Newe, another great Cape Breton strathspey.

  2. Thanks! I'm filing this under "things I should know, and I'm glad someone told me!".

  3. Megan--
    This is a really cool website! I teach fiddle and violin online, and I love what you have done with the sheet music and your sound file. You sound GREAT too!

  4. Hello Megan, I am so glad that I found your website!! I just joined a fiddle club 6 weeks ago, and I am very bad with the counting notes. Last night, the Director threw this Lime Hill Strathpey song to us to play but the music sheet is so blurry. So I am happy I can practice with your video clip and your music sheet is much easier to read!