Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hommage a Edmond Parizeau Sheet Music

Sound Files: Slow Medium/Fast

The Medium/Fast file has the tune twice: once at a moderate tempo and then full speed.

I often play a simplified version of this tune compared to what you find in the books. The sound file may not exactly match every note in the chart. It's a popular dance tune, sometimes we hear dancers singing along with the B part.


  1. I like this song. :) Do you have, or know where I could get sheet music for Draggin' the Bow or Orange Blossom Special? I have been trying to learn those by tutorials on YouTube, but I learn better by having music in front of me. Thanks for all you have posted, it really helps me with the fiddle. :)

  2. Orange Blossom Special, no problem, have to get the sheet music together but it's not bad. Draggin the Bow is a Project- I worked for a while this summer on Andy Stein's version (lots of double stops) so maybe I'll get that back out... it's fun.

  3. when can we see the score of the sheet music for dragging the bow