Saturday, February 6, 2010

Violin Shops

Violin Shops in the Baltimore Area

I receive many inquires about where to find a violin to get started with. Many of my beginning students rent a violin from Gailes Violin Shop in College Park because they have the most affordable rate- $55 for 3 months. Their instruments are excellent. I would also recommend buying a student model violin and bow from them.

You can find preowned violins, which often sound as good or better than new if they've been well taken care of, at a violin shop or on Craigslist. One benefit of renting is that after three months you will have more confidence trying out instruments to buy. I would expect to pay between $150-400 for a student model. I suggest buying a shoulder rest, the most popular model is KUN, they run around $15. Also make sure you have a bow, case, and rosin.

Gailes Violin Shop
10013 Rhode Island Ave
College Park, MD 20740

Potter's Violins

4706 Highland Ave
Bethesda, MD
301-652-7070 or 1-800-317-9452

Perrin & Associates Fine Violins
One East Lexington Street, Suite 405
Baltimore, MD 21202

Music and Arts
1940 York Road
Timonium, MD 21093

I play on an English violin made by Ivy Rimmer Owen in 1905 that I purchased from The String House in Rochester, NY. I bought all of my previous violins from Hosmer Violins in Syracuse, NY. When my violin needed a major repair I brought it to Michael Weller at Weller Violins in Alexandria, Virginia. He did excellent work for a very reasonable price.

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  1. where are you finding kun for $15? I can't find one under $35. Also, if they are looking for rental, there is Bullock's in White Plains, MD. His rental rate is about $150 for the school year.