Saturday, June 12, 2010

MacArthur Road

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Sound File: Fast Slow

Reel in E major by Dave Richardson. I use third position for the C#s in the B part, because it's hard to get it in tune with just an extension. Added bowings 6/19.


  1. What is the bowing pattern for this song? Are all the 8th notes slured?

  2. Hmm, it's not quite that straightforward. For one thing, I improvise my bowings, they change each time I play a tune but are mainly based on the Georgia shuffle and the modified Georgia shuffle. I put some exercises for those bowing patterns in the intermediate A Major warm ups. Meanwhile, I'll see if I can write out a typical bowing for this tune and post it. -Megan

  3. Thank you. The bow exercises might help. I had tried to play it, but felt like my bow got mixed up somehow, and I had to stop.