Friday, November 15, 2019

Hey Fiddlers!

"Fiddle Studio Book 1 is the perfect book for adult beginners at any stage of the fiddle process. Private lessons are great at the beginning but Megan gives helpful instruction on getting things started before visiting a private teacher. She gives clear direction on technique for a beginner who is unfamiliar with the fiddle as well as great advice for getting involved in the traditional music scene. She includes personal stories that help a new player feel comfortable and rest assured that they're not alone in this exciting learning experience. From my years as a professional musician as well as traditional music student, I would recommend this book for any adult beginner whether they have never played fiddle before or are coming back to it after many years. Fiddle Studio Book 1 is for you."

Casey is a former student and a powerhouse professional musician and educator currently studying cello and American Roots Music at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Check out Casey and Corner House Band on bandcamp!

Be sure to check out the follow up Fiddle Studio Book 2: Fiddle for the Advanced Beginner.

Happy fiddling ♫

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